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Vehicle Connections Ltd now use MoDel by ebbon dacs

MoDel handhelds have now be issued to all Vehicle Connections drivers, due to high demand from the lease companies we work close to.

This means that our customers that use Leaselink, can now get electronic POD's sent direct to them and the lease company. Using this system means that all payments are processed staight away to the dealer and the vehicle / job gets closed down straight away, making less work for the customer.



Vehicle Connections Ltd get a new home


The team at VCL have finally moved into their new workshop and unit in Lichfield. This has been a long time coming, but due to the rapid growth of the company and the high demand from our customers, we just had to up our game.

The new HQ and Call Centre now has a 24hr workshop, keeping our trucks on the road, so that we never let you down. On site we have an indoor storage compound, which provides a higher quality service to our valued customers.



Finally, we have taken delivery of our new 3 car transporter. The vehicle has taken 3 months to build, but was well worth the wait.

The transporter can carry 3  family vehicles /small vans or 2 large vans / 4x4 vehicles.


This vehicle regularly runs to Scotland, Manchester and London so if you can, help fill the transporter. Either way we will give you cheaper rates on your movements.

Vehicle Connections Ltd can offer multi car transport

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Vehicle Connections Ltd help with the olympic tourch.

In 2012 the VCL team helped the Olympic Torch travel through the West Midlands and Staffordshire.

We would like to thank the Austin Seven Club for trusting us to be their support vehicle in the Olympic Torch parade, through the streets of Staffordshire and the West Midlands.